Restoration works

We carry out the following heritage protection operations for immovable cultural heritage objects: elimination of the threat of an accident, conservation, restoration and adaptation. We also perform construction and repair works of cultural heritage objects.
We restore:
  • coloured and black metal products
  • wooden windows, doors, parquet floor and other wooden items
  • stucco and plster modellings
  • stained-glass windows
  • wall-paintings and frescoes
We can conduct works in territories of objects of cultural heritage, protected areas, heritage objects and cultural monuments.


We provide the following services for cultural heritage objects: improvement plans, research and economic calculations. We also consult the owners of heritage objects on following issues: maitenamce, restoration, exterior and interior design of such heritage objects as manors, castles and traditional rural tourism homesteads. In collaboration with qualified archaeologists, architects, constructors and experts, we conduct independent project analysis and expertise.